iOS Developer Position 

What we want you to do... 

You’ll be a critical member of our small software engineering team working on our existing and new native iOS apps. This isn’t an average position where you might be restricted to one small piece of the company’s technology, but one where you’ll have creative freedom to expand into new markets and apps. 


The job involves the following responsibilities

  • Contribute to our inventory of 500+ native apps written in Swift and Objective-C 
  • Be responsible for a whole product line of apps 
  • Integrate with our backend services to make sure we are delivering a great mobile user experience
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions and have the chance to contribute innovative and original ideas to our technology, algorithms and product
  • Dive into difficult problems and successfully deliver results within a schedule

Who you are... 

You want to work on challenging problems with smart people. You want to develop apps that reach millions of people worldwide. You’re someone who could get positions at most software companies, but you’re looking for the unique role that has great leadership and creative freedom. 


You also meet most (if not all) of the following requirements

  • 2-7 years of recent hands-on coding and software design 
  • Good coding experience with Swift and Objective-C 
  • Bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree in a related field, or a great reason for not having one (and we know there are reasons...) 
  • Evidence of being self-motivated and driven – you find satisfaction in a job well done 
  • Bonus - you have apps currently live on the AppStore 
  • You can contribute at least 2 good songs to our team playlist